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As a kid Bill had an active imagination. Here he is dressed up as Batman AND Spiderman.

Bill Pottle was born and grew up in Denver, Colorado. While living in Colorado, he enjoyed spending time camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and eventually received his Eagle Scout. Climbing above the clouds provided the inspiration for the character of Tivu in the Lands of Daranor series.  He began work on his first novel, DreamQuest, in sixth grade, and worked on it sporadically until its publication 13 years later.

He attended Cornell University where he received his bachelors and masters degrees in Biological and Environmental Engineering. His research focused on developing sensors to detect trace amounts of biological pathogens. He also served as the captain and MVP of the Cornell University Taekwondo Team, which he helped to win five consecutive league championships. In 2002 he also served as the captain of the Ivy/Northeast Collegiate Taekwondo All Star Team. In November 2017, he earned his seventh degree black belt. The influence of Taekwondo and other martial arts can be seen in some of the action sequences in his work.

He spent two years working for the Gene Therapy Program of the University of Pennsylvania where he makes adenovirus as a method of gene transfer and also as a method of producing vaccines against common disease agents.

Terry Brooks, Lloyd Alexander and C.S. Lewis were the major authors that influenced his style early on.

Bill currently teaches Taekwondo at Metropolitian State University in downtown Denver and at the Korean Academy of Taekwondo.  He has written books on martial arts as well as martial arts pedagogy. He is also an author for Colorado Martial Arts News. He lives in Denver with his family, including Katie Pottle, another author.

You can reach Bill on facebook at www.facebook.com/bill.pottle (personal profile) and www.facebook.com/dreamqueststory (author page). You can follow Bill and Katie on twitter @billandktpottle. You also might want to sign up for the Newsletter or view Bill’s martial arts profile. You can also find interviews on the appearances and signings page.

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