Bill’s work has garnered praise by everyone from ordinary readers to top experts in many fields. Here is a brief sampling. For a more comprehensive list see Bill’s Page on Amazon, where there is over 100 reviews of his work.

“Splendid” – Lloyd Alexander, Newbery Award Winner

“”a must have for serious martial arts practioners.” – Taekwondo Times Magazine.

“I have been involved in and taught the martial arts for almost 60 years and have an M.A. degree from Stanford in Education. I found Mr. Pottle’s stories a very creative and effective twist on our children’s classics. Not only were his stories and rhymes entertaining but they each contained a important message for young people in general but further enhanced by their relevance to young students of the martial arts. His use of a brick to explain the differences between various stances was masterful. I immediately brought an old red brick I had in my backyard to my school so I could use it to explain the same to my young (and old) students. Great job!” – Jim Mather, Author and 10th Degree Black Belt.

“I loved DreamQuest, and ProphecyQuest is so much stronger.” – Jeri Kladder, 2010 Newbery Comittee Chair. 

“This profound biblical thriller grips readers from the onset” Midwest Book Review (Harriet Klausner, former Amazon #1 reviewer)

“I loved this book! It was hard to put down. It promoted deep thinking even when my e-reader was nowhere in sight. It is coherent, easy to read, and addresses topics that anyone mildly interested in God has had to have thought over.” – Only God Can Make a Tree Blog

“Captures the chronicle of the heavens with vivid clarity and describes the fall of the angels with genuine sorrow. There is a rhythm to his writing style I found comforting, like a scenic drive home, and the story flowed as it took me to its destination.” – Harry Aderton, Author of Heaven’s Night.

“A comprehensive list of drills and concepts that is sure to be useful to martial arts teachers everywhere.” Master Dan Chuang, Coach of MIT Sport Taekwondo, multiple time
Collegiate Taekwondo Coach of the Year.

“A rare and invaluably comprehensive guide … It will change the way you think about martial arts instruction.”  Dr. Chinedum Osuji, 2004 Taekwondo Olympian, Yale
University Professor.

“Much of the book’s material is not found in other books about either martial arts or teaching.” Dr. Steve Schwager, Cornell University Professor.